Friday, April 12, 2013

Social psychology membership

See the message below from the Social Psychology section.  Note that we are still quite low on members and will be sending a similar message out to the Social Psychology section to recruit from them.  Please do join their section if you can to return the favor.  Erik & Dirk.


The ASA’s Social Psychology section’s membership committee would like to invite you to join our vibrant section. We are a section interested in social processes, broadly conceived, whose work is applicable to many members of the Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis section.

Among the many benefits of joining is the opportunity to network with like-minded faculty and graduate students about existing research and the possibility of sparking collaborative research efforts. Our quarterly newsletter highlights important research of interest to our members and serves as a central location to find exciting and relevant information on social psychology.

There are additional benefits for graduate students who join the section. The first is our Graduate Student Investigator Award. Each year, one student member of the section will receive $1,000 towards completing a research project (and there are efforts underway to increase the award to $2000 in coming years). We also have an active graduate student network, including a writing group on Facebook where students exchange and receive feedback about works in progress.

We hope that you’ll consider joining and encourage others to as well. To add a membership, you'll need to log in to the ASA homepage and click the "Join a Section" link ( Student memberships are only $5.

Members of the ASA Social Psychology Membership Committee
Jessica Collett (Chair), University of Notre Dame,
Stephen Benard, Indiana University,
Philip Brenner, University of Massachusetts Boston,
Mike Harrod, Central Washington University,

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