Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Section Members,

A few months after Denver, and the preparations for next year's ASA in
New York, and indeed the 2014 ASA in San Francisco after that are on
their way.

First news is that Laura Loeb has been kind enough to help us with our
newsletter and the maintenance of the web-site.  Please e-mail her
directly at: with any news or information that
you want to be included on either the web-site or the newsletter.

As you know, we are the smallest section of the ASA and have shrunk in
the last few years; retaining and indeed acquiring new members is very
important.  Please do reach out to colleagues and students to become
members.  We have sent out a survey to past members of the section to
see the reasons why they have led their membership lapse.  The
response has not been overwhelming, but the responses we received were
quite helpful, and some have led to old members renewing their
membership.  However, direct personal communication with people you
know is a much more effective way to increase our membership.  Let's
make a concerted effort.

The web-site allows people to sign up to get updates, so that is
another way for people to keep our section in mind.

We have by now established most award committees.  Our gratitude to
all those who have volunteered.  You can take a look at the awards and
their committees here, or by clicking on the "awards" tab on the main
page of the web-site.  The web-site also lists some upcoming
conferences, also accessible by clicking on the "conferences" tab on
the main web-page.

The fall newsletter will come out shortly.  Geoff Raymond, the
outgoing chair is preparing.  We thank him for his service to the

Best wishes,

Dirk vom Lehn
Erik Vinkhuyzen

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