Thursday, May 14, 2015

Awards announcements

Two award announcements for the EMCA book award and lifetime achievement award.

The EMCA book award committee has completed its work - the next EMCA book award will go to Ken Liberman for his book ‘More Studies of Ethnomethodology,’ (SUNY Press).

And the lifetime achievement award goes to Jeff Coulter. 

some excerpts from letters of recommendation

(1)Coulter’s scholarly efforts are broad and interdisciplinary in nature,  applying “ethnomethodological and conversation analytic insights to a wide variety of mental and epistemic phenomena relevant to” a number of areas in sociology, psychology and cognitive science.  His publication record is substantial, including four influential books.

(2) Coulter is characterized as very knowledgeable, generous with his time and attention, with a strong commitment to teaching. With his colleagues
Psathas and Lynch he has trained a number of PhD students, many of them in the EM/CA area. The training of students in is of special importance for the vitality of the field and for Boston University as a notable site of
ethnomethodological training.

(3) Coulter’s professional service is significant, including his time as Associate Editor of Human Studies, and on the editorial boards o of Theory and Psychology and The Human Context.

(4) “…Jeff Coulter has distinguished himself on many fronts as a very serious and very productive scholar for over forty years, during which time he has contributed tremendously to the production and dissemination of ethnomethodological and conversation analytic scholarship… [He] was a central figure in the development of ethnomethodological and conversation-
analytic scholarship around Manchester and Boston for forty years or more, in developments which had great relevance for the entire international community of ethnomethodological and conversation analytic scholars. Both directly and indirectly, alone and with others, Jeff Coulter has made tremendous contributions to our scholarly community and our record of scholarship and is highly deserving of a lifetime achievement award from our section.”

We congratulate both award winners and hope you can join us in Chicago this year when we present them with their awards.

Edward Reynolds/ Robert Dingwall/ Mardi Kidwell


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