Sunday, August 3, 2014

Animals & Society

Dear EMCA-ers,

As you know Dirk and I are in the final months of time as co-chairs of our section.  We feel that we have achieved a lot in the past two years--from the setting up of our own web-site, to the creation of the most colorful newsletter (thanks to Laura Loeb), to a very successful ASA in NYC last year and another one coming up in San Francisco.

We also increased our membership last year compared to the year before.  This year our membership is lagging a bit compared to last year, no doubt in part due to the ICCA conference in UCLA which was such a hit with many of our members.  So a slight drop in membership was to be expected and we think that Robert Dingwall and Mardi Kidwell will surely increase our numbers once again next year.

All that being said, there is one goal Dirk and I have not yet achieved, and we need your help with most urgently.  As of today, our membership count is still lower than that of the section Animals & Society, ASA’s second smallest section.  It has been Dirk and my abiding concern that we catch them before our time is up, so we ask that you please ask members of other sections that you know to also chip in the $5 to become a member of EMCA so we can restore our honorable section to its proper place in the hierarchy of sections: firmly above Animals and Society.


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