Thursday, November 15, 2012

ASA EMCA Section News and Updates

Dear Members-

we hope you have had a good start into the new academic year. As we are in the last quarter of the year now, it is timely to bring to your attention a few points regarding the Section.

1) The success of the Section relies on its membership. We therefore would kindly ask you to RENEW your Membership for 2013. Dues are automatically set by ASA to a standard rate of $10 for regular/emeritus/low income members and $5 for students. Over the past years, Section membership has noticeably decreased. This is partly due to a lack of students and younger colleagues joining. Please encourage (and if you can, financially support) your students to join ASA and the EMCA Section. The dues for an ASA Student membership are $50.

2) The ASA call for papers  for the 2013 meeting in New York has been published a few weeks ago. We will have two sessions at the conference and the respective CFPs have been published on our website.

    - The section's session titled "Ethnomethodological Studies of Work and Organization" that will be held instead of the Council Meeting and will be organized by Nick Llewellyn (Warwick Business School)

   - The section's session titled "Linking Micro and Macro: Ethnomethodological and Conversation Analytic Contributions" which will be organized by Tim Halkowski (University of Wisconsin).  This session addresses the ASA Conference's theme "Linking micro and macro".  We welcome contributions that show ethnomethodology and conversation analysis's relevance to this theme.

There will be two further regular sessions dedicated to EMCA:

     - The regular session on Ethnomethodology will be organized by Tanya Stivers (UCLA).

     - The regular session on Conversation Analysis will be organized by John Heritage (UCLA).

The online paper submission system opens December 7th and the deadline is January 9th. Please see the ASA website for further details on the

2012 conference, and for on-line submission after December 8.

3) Over the coming years we plan to increase the Section's presence at the conference and to reach out to ASA members beyond our section. One way to achieve this is to organize a Thematic Session. In line with the theme for the ASA meetings in San Francisco in 2014 Tim Berard has disseminated a call for interested participants in such as Thematic Session with the Working session title: “Talking about Hard Times”.

Another way to achieve this is the organization of invited sessions. The deadline for proposals for Invited Sessions is February, 5 2013.  Please contact us with any suggestions.

4) As in previous years, in 2013 awards will be given to the Best Graduate Paper and the best book. There also will be  Lifetime Achievement Award and the Melvin Pollner Award. Committees for these prices are in place. For further information on how to make suggestions and submit publications to be considered for these awards please see our awards website.

5) Another way to increase the sections visibility is a presence at the regional conferences in the US. If anyone is attending a regional sociology meeting in the USA or is attending conferences elsewhere please make participants aware of activities of the ASA EMCA Section. If you normally are not attending regional meetings please consider going to and presenting at these meetings and make the importance of EMCA noticed.

6) Apart from the website of the EMCA Section on the ASA's site we now have our own website that allows us to disseminate information more flexibly. We are lucky to have found Laura Loeb (UCLA) to help us with editing and updating the site, there is more information on there than we e-mail, so please do check it regularly. There is a field on the right side of the website where you can enter your email address to make sure you receive news when the main site is updated with news. Laura also helps with the writing and editing of the Section Newsletter. Please e-mail her directly at: with any news or information that you want to be included on either the web-site or the newsletter

We are very grateful for your continued support for the Section. Please remember to renew your membership and apologies in advance for repeatedly reminding you to renew over the next few months.

Kind regards,

Dirk & Erik

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